Have a Great Time
While Learning about the Jewish Temple

The Jewish Temple is the holiest place in Israel.

"Scholars who study the laws of the service are considered by Scripture as if the Bet Hamikdash (Temple) was built in their days" (Babylonian Talmud).

Read on to find out how you can learn about the Jewish Temple and have fun doing so. It's easy. It's simple. Apply this idea to other subjects you'd like to learn about.

Quiz yourself: What do you know about the Temple?

  • How many courts did the Temple have?
  • Where was the Court of Israel?
  • Where were the fifteen steps of Levites?
  • Where was Nicanor Gate?
  • What did all these parts look like?

If you know the answers to these questions: Congratulations. Not many people have studied the Temple enough to know this.

However, if your knowledge of the Temple is not as good as it should be, we have a great idea for you!

Use a visual aid.

Build a model of the Temple.

If you do this, you are sure to learn a lot about the Temple, and you are sure to remember it well. It's also a great way to teach your kids and your friends.

So if you find it difficult or boring to study the Temple and its parts, or if you just don't get around to doing it, here's a fun way to do it.

You can turn the building of the model into a family project or into a project at a Youth group or community center. You can display it in your living room or in a school.

In the past, a project like this would have taken a long time. You would have to do laborious research, find sturdy materials, and design the model so that it will stand and be easy to build.

But now, building such a model is easier than ever!

No hard work. No mess to clean up.

The Temple model kit is easy to understand and simple to build.

The Temple model kit is a great learning aid:
  • Learn about the Temple's layout.
  • Teach your kids and your friends about the Temple.
  • Have fun building the model yourself.

The experience of building the Temple yourself will give you a solid and long-lasting understanding of it's layout.

And now it is easy to do!

The Temple Model Kit is:
  • Easy to understand
  • Simple to build
  • Affordable
  • Of high quality
  • Of outmost proximity to the real structure

The Temple model kit comes with a clear manual. It so easy to build that a 10 year old can do it.

The sources for the model are:

  1. The Mishna, the Babylonian Talmud and commentries.
  2. Maimonides-Mishneh Torah and commentries.
  3. The Second Temple: Shalom Dov Steinberg, Ch.Wagshel L.T.D. Jerusalem 1993 (Hebrew)
  4. Second Temple model on display at the Temple Institute exhibition in the old city of Jerusalem.
  5. The Second Temple in its Splendor: Rabbi Elchanan Eybeshitz, The Rav Kook Institute. Jerusalem 1995 (Hebrew)

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Imagine having a real model of the Temple in your home. Imagine building and learning and having fun.

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